Diamond Statement

When you choose a diamond for the person you love, you give more than a beautiful gem. You offer a symbol of your commitment, your loyalty and your future together. The ring you purchase is a promise, a symbol of trust. The diamond it holds should have the credentials to uphold that trust.

For the past fifteen years, Austin couples have trusted Calvin’s to help them design the ring of their dreams, and to choose a beautiful diamond to symbolize their love. Calvin’s is family owned and operated, with a professional staff that offers over eighty years combined experience in buying and selling diamonds and fine jewelry. We only sell diamonds that meet the strictest quality standards from top American labs. Only US labs provide the high level of quality and consistency that we demand for our customers.

Diamond grading requires strict standards and comparisons; nowhere are these standards more stringent than in the United States. Diamond grading facilities outside the US are not viewed with the same scrutiny. Fewer restrictions and less accountability create an environment where inaccurate grading is commonplace. Diamonds with these reports are often purchased at much lower prices, and are presented side by side with diamonds that have been graded in the US. These diamonds seem to be bargains, but are actually lower quality gems with a price tag to match. American labs are held to higher standards, and continue to lead the industry with constant improvements and innovations in grading and identifying diamonds. Without a doubt, US labs produce the most accurate and trusted reports.

When it comes to a ring she’ll wear forever, there is no room for guesswork. When you come to our store and purchase an SI2 ideal cut, you can be sure you are receiving a diamond with an accurate grading from a trusted American lab. You’ll also be buying local, investing in stores that invest right back into our community. Let’s take it a step further. Calvin’s offers nationally competitive pricing on American graded diamonds. Shop with us to receive the best customer service and a competitive price.

Have more questions? Check out our website for store and staff info, designers we carry, and testimonials from happy customers. You can also find helpful Calvin’s reviews on Yelp and Citysearch. When you are in the area, please visit us for a tour — and, if you’re already planning a trip to our store, we’ll see you soon!