Jewelry Care Guide

Made with Love for Those in Love

CALVIN’S continues our founder’s dedication to exceptional care and craftsmanship in store and online. From the heart of Texas and now nationwide, if it's from CALVIN’S, you can be sure your jewelry is made with exceptional craftsmanship, and of course, love.

CALVIN'S Cares for Your Jewelry

Tips for Caring for Your Jewelry

Store Your Jewelry in a safe place
When not wearing your jewelry, lay flat in a jewelry box or storage pouch.

Clean Your Jewelry as Needed
To clean your jewelry at home: use a soft bristle brush to gently scrub your piece with window cleaning solution, rinse then pat dry with a soft cloth. We recommend bringing in your jewelry for complimentary cleaning, maintenance and prong checks every 3 months.

Wear Your Jewelry with Love!
Be kind to your jewelry & it will last for years to come!

Please Avoid the Following:

Exercising: Do not wear your jewelry while exercising, gardening, or while performing strenuous activities

Sleeping: To prevent unwanted tangling while you rest, we recommend taking off your jewelry before bedtime.

Cosmetics: Avoid application of lotion or perfumes while wearing your jewelry. Lotion and makeup products can build up on your pieces and dull their sparkle in between cleanings. Please remove rings, necklaces and bracelets when applying creams, self-tanner or other cosmetic products.

Swimming: Avoid wearing your jewelry while swimming, especially in chlorinated pools and hot tubs.

Chemicals: While wearing your jewelry, prevent contact with chemicals & cleaning products. When doing dishes, we recommend removing your rings to prevent contact with chemicals and to prevent unintentional damage.

Bathing: Please remove your jewelry before showering or bathing. If your jewelry does become wet, please pat dry with a soft cloth and lay flat to dry.