Lab Grown

As Austin's premiere jewelry store specializing in lab grown diamonds, you can put your trust in our GIA-certified experts to help you select the perfect diamond and design the perfect custom engagement for your beloved.

We believe every customer should have the opportunity to find the diamond of their dreams. Lab grown diamonds are the perfect option for those who want to make an environmentally conscious purchase, who want a clear understanding of where their diamond originates, or for those who want a more budget-friendly alternative to natural diamonds.

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FAQs about Lab Grown Diamonds

What is a lab grown diamond?
Lab grown, or laboratory grown, diamonds are identical in their composition and physical appearance to natural diamonds. Only a highly trained diamond expert equipped with a high powered microscope would be able to tell the difference between lab grown and natural diamonds. Both are cut, polished, and graded to the same exacting standards.

How are lab grown diamonds made?
Lab grown diamonds are created via two different methods - High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) or Chemical Vapor Distillation (CVD).

High Pressure High Temperature method utilizes a specialized chamber that mimics the high temperature and high pressure in which diamonds naturally formed. A very small diamond seed is places inside of carbon and then exposed to high temperature and high pressure (typically near 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and over 1.5 million PSI) to create the diamond.

Chemical Vapor Distillation (CVD) places a diamond seed inside a carbon-rich gas chamber which is then heated to over 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. The heated gas turns to plasma, which is then deposited onto the diamond seed layer by layer.

Are lab grown diamonds environmentally friendly?
Lab grown diamonds have been touted as "environmentally friendly and sustainable" due to the fact that laboratories use a minimal amount of energy and create almost no emissions or pollutant bi-products when creating lab grown gems.

How are lab grown diamonds graded?
Like natural diamonds, all lab grown diamonds are graded by the top diamond grading labs in the world. They are graded using the same methods as natural diamonds and on the 4C’s- Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight.

Is a lab grown diamond right for you?
• Environmentally friendly and sustainable
• Appearance and wear is identical to natural diamonds
• Certified and graded by international diamond gemological laboratories
• Available at a fraction of the cost of mined diamonds (typically 30-40% less)